Get access to some of the tools I use during the Mindset Reset personal development program in Breakthrough Success Club. Mindset Reset is an introductory life coaching program, designed to bring you closer to an Empowered Mindset, a life in which you achieve success as defined by you.

These powerful tools help you shift into a new way of being and experiencing the world around you.

Get a free preview of Mindset Reset and an introduction to one of these tools during a free online webinar. Schedule your webinar and start changing your life.

The Emotometer

Climb the Ladder

Rate Your Relationships

Outcome By Design


In addition to focusing on personal development for people who feel “stuck,” I am also a recovery coach. Throughout my journey to an Empowered Mindset, I faced my own struggles with alcohol addictions.

I am a proponent of Alcholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. The stories I hear from people in recovery inspire me and I want to share them with you.

My podcast, Recovery and Discovery, brings those stories to life. Listen as I interview individuals about their experiences and thoughts related to addiction recovery.

See if you can be inspired, too.

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