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Mindset Reset

Reset your mindset to shift your personal power

Get started on your path to an Empowered Mindset by resetting your brain.

The Mindset Reset group is the first in a series of four group coaching programs that make up Breakthrough Success Club.   Mindset Reset is designed to put you on the path and drive you forward to the life you want to create.

The four-month group program gives you the tools that help you shift to a new mindset, helping you achieve success as defined by you.

This proven program establishes the foundation for personal transformation.  With practical exercises, tools and distinctions, clients notice positive results almost immediately.

How it works

Using original tools and exercises created by Breakthrough Success Club founder Bill Tierney, you will tap into the power of your beliefs and thoughts.   Some beliefs serve you and others get in your way.

As you become aware of the beliefs that get in your way, you will change them by taking a fresh and current look at them.  You will learn how to quickly shift your perspective and manage your personal energy when feeling challenged or disempowered.

By applying these tools to your current circumstances, you will develop new thought habits.  Practicing these tools with coaching and group support will change how you think, change how you feel, enable you to take actions and get the results that you want.

Over the course of twelve 90-minute sessions held 3 times a month for four months, you will notice an empowered shift in your relationships, in your energy and in your work and business results.

Zoom video conferencing enables you to participate from where you are using your smart phone, tablet or webcam enabled laptop or desktop computer.

The Mindset Reset Group Coaching Program includes:

  • Twelve 90-minute sessions over four months of live, personalized coaching

  • Up to 6 participants per group

  • Nine modules of Mindset Reset curriculum

  • A 9-module workbook with all the tools you need to reset your mindset

  • Personal empowerment tools

  • Group and coaching support

  • Two individual coaching sessions with Bill Tierney

So far Breakthrough Success Club has helped me be more aware in the present moment as well as prioritizing my daily tasks. I’ve learned a lot from the other group members about being efficient. Can’t wait for the rest of the program to see what else I can learn.

Dr. Sam Nelson

Owner, Proactive Health Chiropractic

Your Investment



You will spend 90 minutes three times a month for 4 months.  This time is spent with your group and your coach.  During these sessions, we will cover the curriculum and I will provide coaching to demonstrate use of the tools you will be using to shift your mindset.

In addition, you will have 2 one-hour individual coaching sessions with me.

Between sessions, you will be practicing the tools, completing exercises and connecting with your fellow group members.  Figure that you will be spending an average of 20 minutes per day integrating what you learn in the program.


The program cost is $1200. You can pay this amount in full up front or make monthly payments for an additional $25 per month.


Set up a free 30 minute discovery session to see if Mindset Reset is right for you.

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