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Life coaching that brings success

Breakthrough Success Club helps you break free of the habits and toxic thinking that can keep you mired in that “stuck” place.

The programs, which I developed while on my own journey to personal empowerment, are designed to challenge the way you think. As a business coach and personal development coach, I deliver the guidance, structure, accountability, encouragement and support, while you learn how to transform yourself and create an Empowered Mindset.

The Success Club programs are split into four stages:

  • Mindset Reset
  • Empowered Projects
  • Masters Program
  • True Self Recovery

Mindset Reset introduces you to the tools that help you shift into an Empowered Mindset and way of being. The next two programs build on what you’ve learned, driving you to create the life you want.  Finally, True Self Recovery strengthens all you’ve learned and gives you access to more personal power as you learn to be the leader of your internal world.

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The four stages of Breakthrough Success Club Group Coaching

Mindset Reset

The first four-month program helping you to an empowered mindset.

Empowered Projects

A four-month program that teaches you to create projects and plans.

Masters Program

A curriculum-free program inspired by your needs and development.

True Self Recovery

Discover Self Leadership and how to manage your internal world.

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The purpose of Breakthrough Success Club

External Changes require Internal Transformation

The entire purpose of Breakthrough Success Club is to help clients tap into their personal power and experience a personal transformation so they can create the life they want.  That power is available to everyone.  But accessing it requires a series of breakthroughs.

We all want success.  We each have our own ideas of what success looks like.  Those of us who have struggled to achieve success eventually realize we don’t have access to the power required to achieve it.  On my  journey I couldn’t sustain the changes necessary to have the life I wanted until I changed how I related to myself and the circumstances of my life.

By sharing the tools I developed along the way, my clients make big changes in their lives just as I have in mine.  By helping my clients understand and embrace who they are, they stop trying to be who they aren’t.  By showing them how to access their personal power, my clients achieve success as defined by them.



Breakthrough Success Club has helped me be more aware in the present moment as well as prioritizing my daily tasks. I’ve learned a lot from the other group members about being efficient.

Dr. Sam Nelson

Owner, Proactive Health Chiropractic

The nitty gritty of Breakthrough Success Club

Beliefs are thought habits.

I realized I was spending most of my time and attention trying to manipulate life to get what I wanted.

It’s stressful and, ultimately, futile!

Then I learned my circumstances are not the source of success.

I realized my beliefs were determining my thoughts, and my thoughts were the source of my actions. Once I developed skills for aligning my thoughts with reality, I started getting results I couldn’t achieve before.

My newfound power and inner peace guide me as I lead you to a similar discovery in your life and business.

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Breaking the habit

The brain makes a habit out of anything we do repeatedly.  It creates behavior habits, feeling habits and thought habits.

We are most comfortable with what is known and familiar.  Once you start Breakthrough Success Club, you should expect to get uncomfortable as you transform because that’s what happens when you try to change your habits.

We’re going to challenge your beliefs.

This will upset familiar habits of thought, feelings and actions.  With coaching support, you will have access to power you may not even know you have, enough power to form new habits and generate what was previously impossible.

Expect to experience unprecedented results when you’re willing to trade in the familiar for a mindset that aligns with reality.  By embracing “what is” you’ll discover and tap into what you were made for.

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